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What is Gooder?

 Founder and CEO, Diana Mitchem (Venckunaite)

Founder and CEO, Diana Mitchem (Venckunaite)

Gooder was born out of one immigrant, female millennial's idea that social media needed to change for the positive while protecting consumers and their information. We have all experienced social media becoming increasingly more and more divisive, insane and generally only focused on marketing. Our team, lead by Diana Mitchem, decided that it was time to change the narrative and began creating Gooder.

Building on massive success with another social networking app, High There! which our team built and sold in 2015, we set out to capture the positive side of social networks with none of the negative. Gooder will be a new kind of community building tool where users, called "Do Gooders" will have a strict set of rules in the network to make it fun, engaging and safe.

With original content, we will drive positivity, assistance and overall a tone of doing good in the world and for the community in which we serve. Our inside the network  #dogooder campaigns will engage the audience in a way no one ever has.

This is a disruptive, paid membership model which gives us a chance to change the world; one Do-Gooder at a time! 

We are currently raising our Seed Round of investment. If interested and you would like to set up a pitch meeting, please contact us using the form below.

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"A Good Network Doing Good"

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